2016 Toofr Playlist for Winning and Losing Deals

The best sales jams ever

Updated on November 4, 2019

### The Closed Won Playlist

Our Closed Won playlist celebrates your greatest wins. It sets the mood with an all-time classic, "Eye of the Tiger." Feel that palm-muted guitar in your gut as you think back to getting that first huge signature of the year. Bask in the glory. The sun is shining on your face, reflecting off of your gold Rolex.

From there we traverse decades to the 90's rap anthem "Big Pimpin'" one of Jay-Z's first major hits. You were pimpin' "bigly" this year. And "Hustlin" too. That Rick Ross classic follows another big 90's track by Reel Big Fish, "Sell Out." Yes, because you reeled in some big fish this year and sold the crap out of them.

From here we visit Pink Floyd. We had to include "Money" on the Closed Won playlist. "Money" leads to the "Good Life," a Kanye West favorite that celebrates all the things you can purchase with your humungous commission checks. Since you probably got "No Sleep" on your Presidents Club trip, we brought Wiz Khalifa into the mix following another celebration of materialism: Jay-Z’s "Money, Cash, Hoes."

Finally, we bring it back a bit closer to where we started, celebrating your "Semi-Charmed Life" as the "Superman" of sales this year.


The Closed Lost Playlist

You win some, you lose some, right?

Our Closed Lost playlist begins with a solemn reflection on being "Far Behind" on the leaderboard. Being at the bottom of the board can make you second guess your career in sales. But don't "Disarm" and don't spend too much time "Losing Your Religion." That's a "Runaway Train" that may never come back. You'll be "Your Own Worst Enemy" if you spent all your time moping.

Instead, you gotta have "Faith" that you'll come back from your sales drought. Having "No Rain" usually means there's a flood of deal flow around the corner. The trick is to never again be "Outshined" by your colleagues in the sales pit. Hunker down, get "Low," and take the "Longview" on your pipeline.

That's not to say you'll never find yourself "Under The Bridge," feeling like a "Lost Cause" with no "Self Esteem" sometimes. In those moments of doubt, remember "The Day You Tried To Live" when you felt "Lost" and then you'll return to your "Stronger" self.

Your buddies on the sales team will tell you "Hey Man, Nice Shot" "When You Come Around" on top of the leaderboard once again.

You're already a winner, but "Learning To Fly" can sometimes take time and leave a few bruises in the process.

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