Frequently Asked Questions


What is FindEmails?
FindEmails is an innovative way to find business email addresses and build relations with decision-makers. Read about some innovative founder on TechCrunch? Heard about some dude or dudette making strides in your industry? Looking to land a guest post gig at that blog your target audience is reading? Trying to build links on high-value domains? FindEmails is for getting personal with those people. We give you both the email patterns and positively guessed emails for millions of domains worldwide! If coffee is for closers, FindEmails is your coffee shop.
Ok smarty. You're right. People have been hacking email addresses ever since the "@" symbol made its way from Unix shells to hotmail inboxes everywhere. All FindEmails does is put those address patterns in one easily searchable place, and adds a bunch of other useful data that salespeople need.
Hey, bounces happen. People have middle names, companies expand, and sometimes they stick an initial in there. Sorry. But the vast majority of business emails follow a single pattern within the business. Don't act surprised - you work at one. Did you get to choose your email address? Of course not! All FindEmails does is help you capitalize on that, but like so many things in this world, it's not perfect 100% of the time.
Absolutely not! But we do put my best foot forward. FindEmails uses a multitude of sources to determine the most likely pattern at the business domain you're targeting, and we include a confidence score to help you decide which emails to use.
We are just some sales hackers looking out for our fellow sales brethren. We like to code in Python, Ruby, and PHP, especially around marketing, sales, and communications. We run a few startups in SF and have picked up a thing or two in kicking ass and scraping names, crawling the Internet for emails, and developing sales processes. FindEmails was built to ease the sales prospecting and lead generation stages and free up salesfolks to make more sales.
The confidence score we provide is a rating of how "confident" we are that the email will send. We basically have three kinds of data: patterns, mail server, and social data. We weight the signals in that order too, so lower confidence scores are likely just a pattern match, and higher scores will include server and social data as well. In other words, the higher the better, but since our scoring algorithm changes frequently, you shouldn't think of it as a percentage, and we can't directly tie confidence scores to bounce rates.
Yep! These bad boys are one of our newest products. We're selling ready-to-go themed email lists and selling in a limited quantity for a limited time. So go get 'em before the next sales hacker does.

Billing Questions

How much does FindEmails cost?
Not much! We have monthly plans starting at just a few bucks and go up to over a thousand dollars a month. Plans are subject to change, so get in on these hot rates while you still can.

We track your usage of FindEmails using credits. Each monthly subscription plan includes a specified number of credits you can use each month. Here are the rules for credit consumption which are true whether you're using the web app, spreadsheet imports, or our API:

Guessing emails

We deduct a credit for every request, regardless of the confidence score. Most people find that they get high quality emails ('medium' or 'high') on about half the guesses.

Note: we take a credit to convert company names to domains! So if you only have company names with your prospects, then each one will take two (2) credits: one for the domain conversion and one for the email lookup.

Testing emails

Similarly, when you submit an email to be tested, we also deduct a credit. Important note here: the guess and test submissions run on the same FindEmails engine! So no need to test an email that's returned on a guess result.

Getting prospects

All of our domain-level data costs one credit. Whether you're scraping data from a website or mining our own database, each query takes one credit.

Again: we take a credit to convert company names to domains! So if you only have company names, then each one will take two (2) credits: one for the domain conversion and one for the prospects. BUT it only costs one credit regardless of the number of prospects you get back on the domain.

Do credits roll over each month?
Sorry, but no, they do not. Credits do not roll over each monthly term, so use them while you have them! The following term they'll reset to the plan's credit value.
How do I cancel or pause my account?
Just email and we'll take care of it! If you don't need FindEmails for a few months, you can cancel and re-subscribe again when you need it. We'll keep your account safe in the meantime, and you'll always have access to your files and any remaining credits from your last active month. Likewise, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time, and we'll simply prorate the fees.

API Questions

Do you have an API?
Heck yes, we do! From one sales hacker to another, go on with your bad self. If you build something cool with it, let me know and I'll promote it to the thousands of FindEmails users around the world!
Well, I guess, technically, you could build your own FindEmails. Everything we do on the website is available through the API. So you can connect it to your CRM, to your registration form, to your database, or any other use you can think of. We have recruiting firms, sales web apps, and independent sales consultants using the API and website to help their businesses grow.
It's a standardized, safe way for websites to talk to each other. FindEmails itself uses several other APIs to handle billing and even the email validations you use FindEmails for. Using an API does require some basic computer programming skills, but playing with an API like this one is a great way to learn how to program.