Account-Based Marketing: Upload A Custom Audience To Facebook Using Your Email Lists

Use your email marketing lists to create display audiences on Facebook Ads

Updated on November 4, 2019

So you want to run Facebook Ads? A lot of Toofr customers have found PPC campaigns are a great compliment to email marketing and follow the growing "account-based marketing" strategy to hyper-target prospects wherever they are online.

Here's how you can combine the power of Toofr with the magical reach of Facebook to get directly in front of your target customers.

First, fire up your Facebook Ad Manager and go to the main menu. It will look like this.

Then click on that Audiences link and in the Create Audience dropdown menu click Custom Audience. It'll loook like this:

So far so good, ya?

You'll see some Custom Audience choices. You should have a "Customer File" option at the top of the list, like this:

Click that "Add customers..." option and then click through the option to upload your own file. It will look like this:

Now you'll get to the form where you can actually upload your Toofr audience!

It looks a lot scarier than it needs to be. Either click that Upload File button or drag and drop your Toofr audience onto the gray hashed dropzone area, like so:

It will look like this when it's uploaded and ready to finish.

And the last step is to wait for Facebook to finish processing! You'll be redirected back to your Audiences list like this:

And from here you can use this audience for any of your Facebook ad groups. You can simultaneously run email marketing campaigns and rest assured that you're doing everything in your power to reach your prospects.

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