How to Find Email Addresses Outside of Toofr

5 ways to find emails when a Toofr result is low confidence or bounces

Updated on November 4, 2019

Here at Toofr, we're pretty good at what we do.

Finding emails in seconds and saving you precious time is what we take pride in (check out this independent 3rd party review if you don't believe us). However, we're not perfect. Sometimes, the top Toofr result is low confidence or bounces. Then what?

We put together 5 ways to find email addresses outside of Toofr.

1. Visit their social media profiles

First and foremost, connect on LinkedIn. Send a friendly note with your LinkedIn request to increase the chance of your prospect accepting. If your prospect accepts, often their previously hidden contact info will appear. On the off chance their email is not on their profile, you can ask for their email over LinkedIn chat or use it for communication.

Before connecting: Imgur After connecting: Imgur

2. Check Inlistio

Check Inlistio for previous email addresses. It will take whichever email address you have, look to see if your prospect changed jobs and give past email addresses which may have a lower bounce rate. This can also be helpful when you can't find your prospects email address because you may know where they worked previously and be able to find that email to test on Inlistio.

3. Use a role-based email address

Visit the company website of where your target prospect works and find a contact@, support@, or sales@ email address. If you message the role-based email and ask for a specific person, often it will get forwarded to them. Easy as that! However, save your important pitch or reason for contacting for when you actually have your target prospect's email. You don't want your message to be lost or diluted through a chain of forwarded emails.

4. Email someone else on the team with a higher email confidence score

If you search an email in Toofr and get a low confidence score, try searching other people's emails from the same department or company. Once you find an email with a high confidence score, you can reach out and simply ask for an intro to the person you were initially trying to reach.

5. Google or company website search


When in doubt, Google it out! While Google is not a surefire way to find an email address, you can find an email with creativity and persistence. Use any personal information you have on your prospect and try different combinations of information in each search. If you know the company they work for, try a search for their name on the company website or directory.

Search examples:

  • name + email address
  • name + contact (or) contact information (or) contact me
  • name + author
  • + name + email
  • + name + contact
  • + name @

Happy Hunting!

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