How To Get Emails From Facebook Groups

3 easy steps to get emails from Facebook groups and Facebook profiles

Updated on November 4, 2019

There millions of groups on Facebook, spanning every niche and geography. The only website that might have a deeper cache of you-name-it interests is Reddit. Or Google.

But Reddit is anonymous and Google isn't structured. Facebook fortunately has you covered on both fronts.

With all of these people organized into all of these groups, Facebook Groups represent a marketer's dream come true. Here you will find all of your customers neatly organized into very specific groups.

Step 1. Find Facebook Groups

The first step is to click on "Groups" under the Explore menu on the left vertical navigation in Facebook and then click on the "Discover" tab or just click here.

Browse and join groups that match your ideal customer profile. Alternatively, you can also simply search Facebook for a term and then click the Groups tab to see the groups that match term. Click here to see the results from searching "saas" in Facebook.

Note you can also filter out the closed groups since you'll have to ask permission to join (might still work if you're relevant but you'll have to wait for approval). Then start joining!

Step 2. Get Member Data

To scrape the membership data from your Facebook groups you should use a tool called Grouply. Grouply is a chrome extension for Facebook groups that extracts data about the group members.

It includes: - First Name - Last Name - Work Position - Profile URL - Company Name

And it puts the Facebook Group members into a CSV file you can use to import here into Toofr!

To see it in action, watch this YouTube video:

Step 3. Get Their Emails

Use our Bulk CSV file importer to run the Grouply results! Note that since Grouply returns the company name rather than the website, each record will take 2 credits to run.

Also note that this is where Toofr excels. The main difference between Toofr and competitors like Hunter is we are very good at finding the right domain for smaller, long tail or local companies like you might find on Facebook groups. We spent a lot of time getting it right!

Step 4. Send Emails!

You can use your preferred email sender, but my current favorite is Gmass. For more ideas about what you can do with Facebook Group emails, check out this Google Doc (you might tell it also inspired this post!)

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