How to Make Money with the Toofr Referral Program

We want to grow Toofr and put money in your pocket to help us do it!

Updated on November 4, 2019

Calling all affiliate marketers, social media moguls, and normal people that just want to earn more money!

At Toofr, we believe in teamwork. That means every Toofr user is a part of that team! We want to grow as a company and put money in your pocket to help us do it. You may be wondering, BUT HOW?! You can already earn money selling email lists in our list marketplace, but this option is even easier! Welcome to the Toofr Referral Program!

How to make money with the Toofr Referral Program


Toofr offers two ways for you to monetize your audience by promoting Toofr products.

  1. Marketplace: Promote lists in the Toofr marketplace and get 15% of the purchase price.

  2. Subscriptions: Promote Toofr subscriptions and get 100% of the first paid month of any purchased plan.

You will be able to track all views and purchases in your referral portal. Toofr will pay your referral earnings within 30 days via Stripe or PayPal. Imgur

So where do I start?

Follow us! The process is super easy, even if you are completely unfamiliar with referral programs and affiliate marketing. To put it simply, you leverage your connections, contacts and audience by sharing all of Toofr's goodness with them! In addition, if you are part of a business or sales team that could greatly benefit from Toofr's email hunting services or email lists, now is the time to share with your colleagues and get set up!

The referral program works by giving you a special referral code that places a cookie on the web browser of anyone who clicks your link. This cookie tells us that the user came from your link. Whenever they buy something on Toofr, we'll pay you!

Step 1: Get your codes!

You have two referral codes, a text code that is generated from your first and last name and a number code that will keep you anonymous. You can use either one in your promotions and the activity you generate will be tied to your account.

Login to Toofr (create a login here if you are brand new) and go to the Referral Portal in your account settings. Here you will see your 2 unique referral codes. Use these codes by appending ?src= followed by either the text or numerical referral code to the end of ANY TOOFR URL. Share it with your community or followers and earn money whenever they make a purchase on Toofr!

For example:

Your text code is: money

Your numerical code is: 12345

You choose to share the Toofr Subscription Pricing Page:

Your Referral Link using the text code would be:

Your Referral Link using the numerical code would be:

Step 2: Share your referral links!


Basically you want to reach as many people as possible, as that means more money in your pocket and more people in the Toofr community!

For example, if you read an article from our our blog and it really resonates with you, share it! You could email it to colleagues you know it would be helpful to, share it on social media, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or put it in your favorite forum on Reddit.

Step 3: Connect your payment account

For our referral program, you have 2 options for how you can be paid: PayPal or Stripe. If you are unfamiliar with Stripe, you can get all the information you’ll need in our “The Handy Guide to Selling on the Toofr List Marketplace” blog post. If you choose to go with Stripe, you will be all set up to sell email addresses in the Toofr List Marketplace!

We're excited!

It's really that easy. Simply share these links and get paid when someone who clicks your link buys a list or subscription on Toofr!

Here is an example of how you might share them:

Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn: I found this great resource for high-quality, handmade email lists. Check it out:

Write a review of Toofr on your blog and include your code in all links. Comment on other blogs or forum posts about Toofr and use your code in the links. And if you would like to know more on the variety of ways to share affiliate and referral links, check out here, here, and here.

Thank you for being a part of our Toofr team! We're excited to grow in 2018 and see where the year takes us!

About the author: Tara Caguiat is a marketing professional with a passion for blogging, travel and yoga. She frequently writes for Healsci Yoga School and her personal blog,

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