These are the 10 Email Workflows You Need to Be Using in Your Marketing Automation

Make the most of your email marketing

Updated on November 4, 2019

If you've got a substantial email database, you need to start making the most of it. Segmenting your email list and targeting your messages is a highly effective way to get messages out to your readers that they'll actually want to read and be receptive to. Here are the top 10 email workflows you need to start using in your marketing automation.

Topic Workflow

Depending on what your readers are looking into, you'll want to target the messages you're sending to them. If they're downloading ebooks or different information about a specific topic, you'll want to get more information about that topic over to them. Keep your email messages concise and to the point with some help from Easy Word Count to curtail your word count.

Blog Subscriber Workflow

Thank your blog subscribers for agreeing to receive your messages by sending out a welcoming message. You'll be acknowledging their interest in your blog and the topic you're discussing, and begin building a relationship with them. Ensure you're sending out properly editing messaging with editing assistance from the professional team at Bigassignments.

Event Workflow

When you're hosting an event, either live or online, you can set up a targeted workflow for those attending or signed up for that event. You will want to keep registrants informed about the details of your event, anything they'll need to know ahead of time, or any changes that have been made. If you're sending information about outside resources, you'll want to ensure they're properly referenced with help from Cite It In to put together your citations.

New Customer Workflow

Once an email subscriber moves into the realm of paying customer, this shift should be acknowledged. Sending out a targeted customer workflow is the perfect way to get a positive start to this relationship. Set the right tone from the start with some copywriting help from the professional team at Scripted.

Engaged Workflow

If you've got contacts who are regularly visiting your website, you'll want to engage them on a different level in order to help move them over into the category of paying customer. Since they're already more engaged in what you're saying, they will be more receptive to an engaged workflow message. No matter what messages you're sending out, ensure they've been proofread with assistance from the team at Australian help or Eliteassignmenthelp.

Re-Engagement Workflow

It's inevitable that some of your customers and contacts will become disengaged. Trigger these contacts to become re-engaged by targeting them into a specific workflow. Let them know that you haven't forgotten about them, so they shouldn't forget about you. You can find beautifully designed templates, a landing page builder and more at Target Hero.

Abandoned Shopping Cart Workflow

If you're selling things online, chances are there will be customers who add things to their shopping cart then abandon it before finalizing their purchase. An automated workflow can target these potential customers, reminding them about the items that are waiting for them in their shopping carts. Sometimes you'll want to offer them an additional discount in order to help encourage the finalization of the sale. When you want to convince customers to jump back in and complete their purchase, you want to ensure you're sending out a properly written message. State of Writing and AcademAdvisor are filled with resources that can help you compose a well written message that your customers will be happy to receive.

Upsell Workflow

Once someone makes the move and purchases from you, you don't want them to fall off of your radar. Keep in contact with customers after they've made a purchase from you in order to present different products they may be interested in, or new products you're offering. No matter what platform your readers are using, you can use Litmus to make sure they're able to properly view and read your message.

Customer Engagement Workflow

The best feedback you can possibly receive comes directly from the voice of your past customers. Get them to provide you with a story of their positive experience by triggering an automated workflow asking them to tell you about their experience with you. Help to grow your business and get email marketing for life through Reach Mail.

Upcoming Purchase Reminder

If you're in the business of selling something that needs to be reordered on a regular basis, you will want to send reminders ahead of time to let your customers know it's time to reorder, so they can get their new shipment in time before their current supply runs out. A service such as Mail Jet can power your email and accelerate your business marketing.

Make the most of the email database that's at your fingertips by putting these 10 email marketing workflows in place. Don't just let your valuable email contacts sit idly by, while you could be transforming them into serious and satisfied customers.

About the Author: Gloria Kopp is a digital marketer and content manager at Paper Fellows. She is also a contributing author at HuffingtonPost, Template Monster, Academized, etc. Besides, Gloria writes Studydemic blog where she shares her experience with students and educators.

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