WhoKnows Uses Toofr to Simplify Email Finding

Toofr simplified WhoKnows' email finding process from three steps into one

Updated on November 4, 2019


WhoKnows is the new and improved LinkedIn/Facebook/Monster. Its machine-learning sources information from social platforms, websites, articles, and even internet searches across the web to create the most complete and accurate profile for recruiters, prospectors, and candidates alike. It hopes to be like an “Anti-LinkedIn”—opening profiles for everyone and accurately displaying whoknows what. Anyone can write they’re an “expert” in something on their LinkedIn profile—calling itself the "first smart enterprise network," WhoKnows can actually tell if they are or not and what they are experts in with 93% accuracy!

Not only can you find new employees or sales prospects with WhoKnows, but you can also get the most out of your internal network. As companies grow, it becomes harder to know exactly what your workforce knows outside of their job description. WhoKnows matches employees with the internal contact that knows exactly how to solve their problem, saving time and increasing efficiency in the workplace. With a network of more than 300 million professionals with machine-enriched profiles and covering upwards of 2M skills, what's stopping you from joining?

WhoKnows & Toofr

WhoKnows found Toofr a few months ago while trying to simplify their email finding process. They had a cumbersome process for getting the contact information like emails for the 300 million+ professionals using their software, including enterprises like Johnson & Johnson and Twitter. They needed a multitude of accurate emails and fast!

WhoKnows tried upwards of seven different email finding and verification tools. Toofr came on the WhoKnows team’s radar more than a year ago, but it wasn’t until a few months ago after evaluating Toofr against Hunter.io for a month, that they went with Toofr and integrated it with their API.

Toofr Simplifies WhoKnows Email Finding Process

Toofr saves WhoKnows users a lot of time. Before Toofr, WhoKnows narrowed it down to three different programs to: find company name and domain, find email patterns and validate the emails—three different softwares to do what Toofr does in one fell swoop!

After using Toofr for only a few months, WhoKnows was able to dramatically streamline leadgen processes for their own company and their millions of users!


How exactly does Toofr do it?

Toofr’s company name to domain engine works equally well for Fortune 500 companies and tiny local shops. This feature is available for all Toofr customers and uses a combination of fuzzy string matching, real-time search engine results, and years of matching millions of company names to domains. Toofr’s internal and external email validation works off of more than five years of pattern data collected on more than 20 million domains.

When asking WhoKnows CEO, Chris Macomber, if he has any advice for businesses thinking of transitioning to Toofr, he said,

"Email finding is a commoditized market. There are dozens of email providers and the market is maturing, getting too smart too fast. It's less of a quantity game and more of a quality game and Toofr has risen its head above the rest by focusing more on quality with the extra steps.”

About the author: Tara Caguiat is a marketing professional with a passion for blogging, travel and yoga. She writes for Beach.com and her personal blog, SheNeedsLess.com.

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